Instant Pot 3 Quart Mini Accessories Stackable Pans

Instant Pot 3 Quart Mini Accessories Stackable Pans


Instant Pot 3 Quart Pot in Pot Accessories

(123 customer reviews)
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Instant Pot 3 Quart Accessories Stackable Pans - 3 layers

Instant Pot 3 Quart Accessories

Cook a variety of foods simultaneously and efficiently with Instant Pot 3 Quart Mini Accessories. Use the limited space of your Instant Pot 3 Quart with two-tier stackable stainless steel insert pans. The steamer pan is ideal for steaming vegetables, eggs etc. while the regular pans are perfect for rice, beans, chicken and desserts.    

Stackable Pans Package Kit

This set from Chiboz Cookware Instant Pot 3 Qt Accessories includes 2 Regular Stackable Pans and 1 Steamer with holes. The handle is multi purpose and can be used to hold the pans or other accessories such as spring form cake pans. Use the steamer as a steamer basket and the insert pans as regular pot-in-pot accessories. With this entire set, try all your instant pot recipes in one go with Instant Pot Accessories. 

Stainless Steel Insert Pans for Instant Pot 3 Qt
Stainless Steel Insert Pans for Instant Pot 3 Qt

Stackable Pans Package Kit

This set from Chiboz Cookware Instant Pot 3 Qt Accessories includes 2 Regular Stackable Pans and 1 Steamer with holes. The handle is multi purpose and can be used to hold the pans or other accessories such as spring form cake pans. Use the steamer as a steamer basket and the insert pans as regular pot-in-pot accessories. With this entire set, try all your instant pot recipes in one go with Instant Pot Accessories. 

Two tier stackable pans for Instant Pot 3 Qt

Premium Stainless Steel

The stackable steamer insert set is built with durable high-quality food-grade premium stainless steel to promote healthy cooking for your Instant Pot Mini

Recipe Booklet

All Pressure Cooker Accessories comes with 3 recipe booklets, $4.99 each, $14.97 in value, totally free.

Instant Pot 3-in-1 Recipes Vol. 1
Instant Pot 3-in-1 Recipes Vol. 1

Recipe Booklet

All Pressure Cooker Accessories comes with 3 recipe booklets, $4.99 each, $14.97 in value, totally free.


Fits Instant Pot 3 Qt Mini

The Chiboz Cookware Insert Pans are compatible with 3 quart mini models like lux ultra duo. Steamer pan could be used in a time saving mode(please read product description below) 6 qt users can use the product as 3 tier without the interlocking handle.

60-day money back guarantee

Chiboz Cookware Instant Pot Accessories come with total satisfaction guarantee, in the unlikely event if you are not happy with our product you can return for no questions asked refund.

Recipe Video

Cook 3 different foods in a 3 Qt Instant Pot in less than 10 mins

Cook Salmon, Quinoa and Veggies(Potatoes and Asparagus) simultaneously in a 3 Qt Mini Instant Pot in less than 10 minutes using Chiboz Cookware Instant Pot 3 Quart Accessories  Stackable Pans. This dish is a perfect mix of healthy carbohydrates and proteins.

Recipe Books

Instant Pot 3 Qt Accessories Recipe Books

Instant Pot 3-in-1 Recipes Vol. 1

Instant Pot 3-in-1 Recipes Vol. 1

Cook 3-in-1 Recipes with Chiboz Cookware 3-tier Stackable Pans in your Instant Pot 3 Qt. Save time by cooking three dishes at the same time! This volume showcases 3 full meals that you can cook in less than 30 minutes with your Instant Pot 3 Quart. This is surely one of the best products from Chiboz Cookware Instant Pot Accessories Collection.

The recipes in this volume are:

1. Beef Picadillo, Rice, and Mushroom Soup

2. Chicken Adobo, Eggs and Rice

3. Pork Tenderloin, Shredded Beets, and Chickpeas

Instant Pot 2-in-1 Recipes Vol. 1

Cook 2-in-1 recipes with Chiboz Cookware stackable pans that are compatible with your Instant Pot 3 Quart Mini. This is perfect if you are pressed for time, or if you simply want to finish cooking early. Perfect for people on the go, party guest hosts, parents with full time jobs, and the rest of the busy population.

The recipes in Volume 1 are:

1. Coconut Quinoa and Steamed Sweet Potato

2. Steamed Artichokes and Saffron Rice Pilaf

3. Mac N Cheese and Minestrone Soup

Instant Pot Steamer Basket Recipes

Instant Pot Steamer Basket Recipes

Instant Pot Steamer Baskets are not just useful for healthy steamed dishes because much like stackable pans, you can use steamer baskets with dividers to cook 2 to 3 dishes simultaneously. This is perfect for individuals pressed for time, for busy parents, and for people who are always on-the-go.

The recipes included in this volume are:

1. Veggies, Eggs, and Quinoa

2. White Rice, Brown Rice, and Quinoa

3. Salmon, Broccoli, and Rice

4. Singapore Chicken and Dirty Rice

5. Creamy Mac N Cheese

123 reviews for Instant Pot 3 Quart Mini Accessories Stackable Pans

  1. Barbara F Lamb


  2. bondog

    Love my new pressure cooker! Can make big meals in short time!

  3. Light Search

    I only cook for my self using my mini instant pot and these inserts are the best invention ever. They are easy to clean, of nice quality and so very useful when cooking because I can make two different meals at a time in just minutes.

  4. Michelle E. Nelson

    I use these all the time! I like one-pot cooking, so being able to fix my meat, starch and veggies all at once is great. Perfect for cooking for one or two.

  5. Teresa Hampton

    Loved the product. Easy to clean.

  6. Paul McDonald

    I’m a truck driver a really love these. I have a 3qt instant pot and these are great for cooking different foods at the same time. I haven’t use the steamer bracket yet but I know that it will work great also. Easy to clean.

  7. Linda Ellis

    We have started 2020 looking for ways to make food prep easier and faster; that will fit with our current full-time RV life; will help us be healthier, etc. I have my eye on the Instant Pot (a 3-quart for just the two of us, and a 6-quart for potlucks), but currently have a Ninja multicooker and absolutely have no room for another kitchen appliance until that dies! Many of the functions seem to be similar (except I can’t pressure cook with the Ninja) so I thought I’d experiment using this set to prepare multiple items. I also travel with an induction cooktop, and plan to try these items inside a small stock pot. I will report as I have results from the experiment

  8. Shwetha

    Size is is as described perfect.easy to Clean. I use it in 6qt instapot and it fits perfectly. I like it.

  9. Tiffany M Wedderburn

    Work great in my 3 quart instant pot

  10. Yogalakshmi

    This stackable steamer insert pans get well into the Instant Pot 3 Qt. The middle pan can be used for vegetables while the top and bottom can be used for cooking lentils /rice etc. The material quality is good too.

  11. Carol McDowell

    They fit well

  12. Snohomish weaver

    This is a quality product. It fits my 3 qt Instant Pot perfectly. I’m very satisfied and pleased with this entire transaction.

  13. Pencin

    Perfect 3qt Instant Pot accessory!Make multiple course meals a cinch!

  14. Felix gan

    The quality was bad

  15. Annie

    Beautiful set. Perfect fit in my 3 qt Instant Pot. Also comes w/a cradle to make lifting out easier. So pretty. Beautiful mirror finish. Must add a few extra minutes to cooking time.

  16. ToddJ70

    This works great in my 6Qt Instant Pot.

  17. Siva Vaidya

    Chiboz cookware – Bought on October 17 2019.I give this 1 star as it is not what it should be. For $28 /$29 it should be a better product.The package 📦 came in good condition. It is a set of 3 containers and a stand and 1 lid.The top container is ok.The steamer is a bit rugged ( like the finishing is not that good). It scratches while cleaning or handling it.The third container cane with a black spot inside it. Like the finishing / polishing is not proper.Looks like a spot of unfinished work. The material looks like tin and might develop into a hole on use.Would not recommend this item.The manufacturers and the company should be careful in sending the correct and good item to customers.

  18. Stephen

    Perfect size for 1 or 2 people. Guess if I had to ding it for anything it would be not for use under broiler. Overall I love it.

  19. Kim


  20. A. L.

    These fit perfectly in the Instant Pot Mini for pot-in-pot recipes. Perfect for people living alone that may not take the time to eat right. They are fun to use with the Instant Pot and make cooking healthy for yourself easy!

  21. Howard and Shikha

    I love these! I use them in my instant pot or stove top pressure cooker. I use these to cook baby food (our regular food minus the heat and salt) and it is perfect for that. I can cook meals for the two of us and the baby at the same time. My husband and I both work full time jobs and we still enjoy fresh, home cooked meals. Using an instant pot with the separators helps me cook different meals at the same time fast!

  22. V. J. Miyagi

    It is great to be able to select between two solid containers or a solid and a steamer. The trivet is great also. I use it for my bowl when I make steel cut oats.

  23. david desandro

    Well made and easy to clean.

  24. Wesley B.

    It really helps cooking my whole meals in the IP.

  25. Dennis Lavey

    Have used several times

  26. Fred F Stone


  27. RickD

    Works great

  28. Carol H

    I have used this when cooking small amounts of several different items. Salmon in the bottom, perogies in the top. Also works well for reheating leftovers.

  29. N. Castillo

    Use these for everything! Only tiny bit of downside is the little ridge inside the pan which makes it harder to clean although it is necessary to keep lid in place ..

  30. Piers Farrell

    Easy to use

  31. hardrock_555

    Works very well. Good fit and finish

  32. Maryann

    We love them

  33. Pam Bell

    This one came with the steamer basket

  34. georgia

    These are great. I live alone so have a 3qt instant pot. Did brown rice, veggies and a piece of Salmon together in under 15 minutes. Cleanup was a breeze. No sticking. Make oatmeal in one of them this morning. Came out perfect. Great addition to my Instant Pot.

  35. Amazon Customer

    I just got this a few days ago and used it to cook two separate items at the same time. It made getting dinner ready for one person faster and it was soo delicious.

  36. ML Jamison

    These are great little pans – we have the 3 quart Insta pot and can place all our meal in the pan. Wonderful.

  37. Chris McDonald

    I haven’t had much chance to use it but what I have done worked out nicely. My biggest concern was making sure it fit in my mini instant pot and it does. I like it.

  38. Amazon Customer

    You can combine them for a wide range of cooking. I even use them in my six quart instant pot.

  39. Alina

    It’s too small. I tried to make rice and vegetables together, but vegetables were not cooked. Maybe it’s ok for 1 person but too small for cooking meals for two.

  40. KessaJo

    I love these. I have a hard time standing over a stove, even for short times to reheat food. In these, I can steam a potato in the steamer one and place the rest of the meal in another for 5 minutes and it’s done. I have had these since September 2018 and use them almost daily and they are still in very good condition.

  41. Ken Webster

    The Chiboz Cookware 3 Qt Mini Stackable Steamer Insert Pans are very easy to use and clean. The build quality is solid and fits perfectly inside the liner. Be aware that you still need to add water to the bottom of the liner even if you have liquid in each individual pan. A must-have for anyone with an Instant Pot.

  42. Gem

    The 3 qt Mini Chiboz Stackable Steamer Pans were a disappointment. The pan, (with the holes) turned a purple/brown color on the bottom and side after only one use. The stainless steel is extremely thin and makes a popping sound when pressed in slightly. The folding trivet doesn’t keep the pans out of the water and is difficult to close with two pans inside it. I had to remove the food from one of the pans and finish cooking in the microwave. It didn’t cook well when stacked. It’s a cute set and arrived in ok shape, except for a couple very small dents. It arrived on time and was packaged nice and no damage to the box. I was happy to finally see this item back in stock, however, it turned out to be a disappointing purchase. I don’t recommend and I think, (for the price of almost $30 it’s too expensive for the quality of the stainless steel.

  43. Amazon Customer

    Really great.

  44. Mrs M

    This is a ver well used item. I can make meals for 2 without the hassles of using different pots. Main dish and sides all in one pot stacked. Makes cooking so easy.

  45. Mary L.

    OK, the Instant Pot is already the best product out there. I had struggled to cook healthy meals for myself and this product made it perfect. I refuse to cook with foil so was missing out on some good stuff and voila. Veggies, potatoes and meatloaf all at the same time,

  46. Mizpat

    These are very well made and well-designed pans, and are certainly coming in handy with my Instant Pot!

  47. Brigitte Coffman

    Love how I can cook two dif. things in IP. LOVE IT!

  48. Amazon Customer

    I’ve only used these a couple of time. They have done well. Let’s give the product more time to prove itself.

  49. Joker

    Great addition for the instant pot.

  50. big joe t

    the pots add to the use of the instant pot use

  51. Richard Robinson

    stainless steel discoloration after cooking, I need to be better at returning the stainless steel look as original. Good product, food steaming results were great.

  52. tiny

    love them, fit perfect in my IP, and they stack nicely in my cabinet. Easy to clean, seem sturdy, not too thin or cheap. Happy with product, highly recommend.

  53. Snoopy75

    The item arrived at the time expected and was packaged well. It looked a little different than the photo on Amazon (no white paint on one container with the Chiboz name), but the pieces fit in my 3 qt. Duo Plus mini and work just fine. I have tried the steamer and made a cheesecake in one of the containers, so I’m pleased with my purchase. I haven’t tried cooking more than 1 thing at a time.

  54. Starr

    Why? Well, if you’re new to the Instant Pot, you may not know that the trivet it comes with isn’t high enough. The water generally needed to come to pressure (especially on the 3 quart) will soak the bottom things resting on it like potatoes and veggies and may cook them unevenly and too mushy in spots. The pot-in-pot cooking this package makes possible solves this problem.The single piece that holds the pots together and functions as a handle for them also functions as a trivet, one that is even lower then the one included with the Instant Pot. But this is not an issue with an enclosed pot and is even an advantage, since it allows for the maximum size of the pots or of the larger pot and steamer basket that will fit in the IP.The Instant pot doesn’t come with a steamer basket, which is probably the second most important accessory after a trivet you’ll need. Pot-in-Pot cooking not only allows you to cook an entree and as many as two sides at once, but to cook them different ways at the same time. For example, since the bottom pot rests in the water bath, it gets more heat than the top and cooks a little faster, so you can cook something that takes a little longer like fish over vegetables while using the top to cook rice and another vegetable (placed on top of the rice), or use the lower pot to cook meat and potatoes and the steamer on top for vegetables. You can also use the larger pot to make cheesecake.I don’t work for the company. I bought my Chiboz pots from another online source because they were having a sale and I already had a five dollar coupon, which combined saved me almost half the price I could get them for anywhere else. But after my experience with them, if they were stolen tomorrow I’d buy them again here and consider it worth every penny.

  55. ayyangar

    we use this product everyday to cook 2 different kinds of millets in the instant pot. so far it is working great. without the wire holder, it would be difficult to take the utensils out especially when they are hot

  56. Raman

    The pot size looked too small for 2 people. They are a perfect fit for the IP 3qt. Yet to use them to determine if the quantity cooked is sufficient for 2.

  57. snailmartyr

    How cheap? There’s a screw that holds the knob in place for the lid. It’s just a hole in the lid, the screw, and the knob. The hole is already deformed because the head of the screw is working its way through the hole in the lid. You need a small washer… all of $.001 worth of hardware. That’s your first clue that this is a really cheap product. Venting holes that are not lined up correctly… overall flimsy feel. My first use was a single pan without the lid… potatoes for 10 minutes on high pressure. Afterward, the pan had changed shape to the point that it no longer nested properly in the other pan. All this would be ok except for the fact that you’re being charged $30 for a product that’s worth 1/2 that on a good day.

  58. K White

    Perfect size. Actually took this on vacation and it served several purposes

  59. Sabrina

    Perfect size for 3 QT Instant Pot. However, the quality is just OK. I think it’s overpriced for what you get. The insert pans are made with rather thin materials. Looks like the sling that holds the pans together was made with different type of metal (not stainless steel). It’s not shiny, has much darker color. I wonder whether it’s safe to cook with. Overall, It’s overpriced for what it is.

  60. Juhi

    Nothing against the product, its stainless steel so expect it to work as designed. Received the item today & when unpacking it, there were so many oily fingerprints all over, it was disgusting. Not sure if I received a returned item or someone had a greasy lunch before packing this item, but yuk. Only the lid was clean. So taking off a star for the disgusting state of the product. Had to really scrub to get rid of those prints.

  61. djw

    Great for pot in a pot meals Quality is excellent. Easy to clean. Easy to lift out of insta pot. Would definitely recommend.

  62. cblankenship

    The quality of this set is very good. Perfect to create options on cooking in my 3 Qt Mini Duo Instant Pot. Just what I wanted to do small cheesecake, steaming vegetables while also making rice by using the stacking pans.

  63. R.J.

    Have had this for only a day so I cannot give any feedback yet on durability.It fits my 3 quart Instant Pot, easy to clean, to use and have been handy in making 2 small meals instantly.Had meat stew on one and rice on another.Very handy!

  64. June

    This makes the Instant Pot even more of a time-saving convenience.

  65. Reader1201

    Allows you to cook multiple things at once. I am Indian and have replaced my traditional pressure cooker with InstantPot because of its versatility. This allows me to cook rice and lentils at the same time or steam vegetables while I make rice. A must buy.

  66. lake grammy

    I love the mini Instant Pot and all the accessories…especially this one which allows great versatility in a small pot.

  67. dardley

    This beautiful set gives me so much versatility for stacking separate foods during cooking, and I love the steamer tray as well. I’m using it primarily for cooking Indian food. At the moment, while awaiting a new microwave to replace the one that just died, I’m reheating my meals in these containers, and they wash like a breeze. The handles are great, and I thoroughly enjoy using this set!

  68. Brandy Bousquet

    The items were as described and fit in my 3 quart instant pot. Thank you!

  69. Danielle Pitts

    I bought this based on all the good reviews. I was sent a set with so much chipping of the stainless steel you could see the black underneath the meal layer. It was on all 3 pans AND the pan holder. Won’t even bother asking for a new one. If the quality on this one is this bad I expect the quality to be bad if I receive a new one.

  70. Shimska

    Cute and functional.

  71. B. Newsom

    When I wanted to buy PIP pans for my 3 qt mini Instant Pot, all were out of stock on amazon, so I bought mine on ebay for the same price. These fit my mini well, and I really love that the steamer pan comes with it! Rice cooked up super fluffy in the solid pan. The frame is very sturdy. And the pans fit solidly together.

  72. Amazon Customer

    Quality products.

  73. jellenz

    These pans are very well made and are a bargain for the price. Perfect!

  74. Jo Ann Carey

    This fits beautifully in my 3 at. Instant Pot, adding to the versatility of it.

  75. Ann

    The pans fit perfectly in my instant pot and the quality looks good,but I have not used them yet.

  76. GmaSusie

    I love my Chiboz stackable cookware. It is the perfect addition to my Insta Pot.

  77. Karen Hansson

    Beautiful craftsmanship and perfect size.

  78. Gaurav R S

    Too small and leaks water. I got this for my 3qt instant pot but was very disappointed as it was letting water off the pot even when the lid was securely placed on top of it. I would’ve returned it but I’m now out of the return window on Amazon.

  79. JML

    Love the quality and function of these pans for the Instant Pot Mini. I looked for a long time and these provide the most volume. The cover fits well and the steamer worker perfectly while also cooking in the pot below. I like the handle and use it for other dishes as well. I have purchased several as gifts for others with mini’s.

  80. Baymuse

    A little awkward at first but makes great pies and meatloaf!

  81. Shopper007

    I had the same problem that another reviewer had in that the product with the sling tilted. The product was not balanced and was very difficult to maneuver without spilling liquid. Perhaps it will work for foods that do not contain liquid. I tried many things to balance this product because I really wanted to like it. I used silicone ties to lift the vessels but that didn’t work well. I even tried to balance it out with magnets so that it would be functional. . Unfortunately there’s no magnetized parts so that didn’t work at all. I contacted the vendor and was approximately 15 days outside the return window and they without question said that they would except the return I very much appreciate your prompt response and gracious acceptance of my return. Hopefully I will be able to deal with this company in the future.

  82. Knack51

    Makes it SO much easier to make single servings of a dish. While I love making soup, yogurt, and various other things in my Mini, I don’t always want a lot of leftovers (I’m single). So when I ran across a video of someone making oatmeal PIP I was very interested. After looking at various offerings, I settled on Chiboz – primarily because it came with the steamer.Pros:1) The set if very sturdy and well made.2) The sling works very well for one or two pots. It both makes it easy to get the pot(s) out and holds them up off the bottom for a better result.3) The knob on the cover is nice and big making it easy to grasp with a hot pad.4) I have somewhat successfully made singe servings of rolled oats, steel cut oats, millet, bulgar, and pasta. I need to play around with the liquid and timing a bit to call them true successes, but they were edible.Cons:1) And this is a small one – the steamer doesn’t fit over a covered bottom pan. This is because the knob is nice and big. I tried cooking a salmon fillet in the steamer over a pot of millet. I wanted to cover the millet since I didn’t want the salmon juices to flavor it. Not a biggy, I just used aluminum foil to cover it. Removing the foil did leak a bit of juice, but that’s probably because I wan’t careful.2) Not really a con, but an issue to be aware of. When you pull the sling out of the pot, it brings a lot of water up with it. You need to tip it slightly to let the water drain from the bottom “rolls” and have a towel or something to set it on.All in all, I’m very pleased with this set and look forward to using it a lot more.

  83. JustMe

    The set just arrived on time and in fine condition. My first application is a boxed cake mix with 2 cake layers cooking at the same time – I will update afterwards. The quality finish on the set is great. All the parts are present and accounted for The lid fits nicely and has a knob securely fastened in the middle. The sling handle for lifting the pan(s) is so much better than the aluminum foil “slings” called for in many recipes. I’m pleased with this set and highly recommend it if you need to cook more than one thing at a time in the instant pot.

  84. A. Walsh

    I use these insert pans to make rice, quinoa and steel cut oatmeal in my mini Instant Pot. They work perfectly.

  85. Barbara

    Looking forward to using it.

  86. billy napier

    Love this item used it the first day I got it, fits perfect in my 3 quart pot.

  87. Lv


  88. Kristin

    These pot-in-pot pans are wonderful. I have used them in different configurations of the 3 pans and sling and have had no issues. Metal seems to be good quality – time will tell how good. If you have the mini duo these are a must have.

  89. GailC

    I ordered the 3 Qt. Mini Stackable Steamer Insert for my Instant Pot and I was very happy that they fit!. The stackable steamer fits comfortable with ample room all around. The extended handle is very handy for removing the hot steamer from the pot.

  90. Annette Merriam

    Very pleased with it, works well for use in my IP!

  91. Blkfeet

    This product came quick and intact . It fit in my 3qt Instapot with no issue . It is perfect for me to make mutiple meals , or separate items . In my profession quick , easy to clean , strong and secure are key . I am thrilled with this item and pleased it will assist me in staying healthy OTR. I recommend this as the perfect additional accessory for the Instapot .

  92. RF

    Perfect compliment for my mini instant pot

  93. Barbara VanderWoude

    The inside area is small, but works well for 2 people.

  94. Vanessa M

    I am very happy with this product. The first recipe I made was two mini lasagnas. They are sturdy and work great! I definitely recommend. Please note only two pots at a time fit!

  95. Fredsmom

    Lots of possibilities, though I haven’t used them yet. Looks like a Quality well made product and will update if I find differently once I’ve tried them out.

  96. Shannon

    I liked that there are 3 pots. Having a small steamer is convenient. Also, having a knob on the lid is nice.

  97. Smart Shopper

    I have been using mine daily for reheating prepped foods. The stainless steel quality is much better than another brand I bought. The only thing that is an issue is the knob on the lid seems to have a stripped screw, but it does not come off. I am considering buying another set.

  98. Happy Camper

    Works as described.

  99. Joyful

    I just finished bbq-Ing had my chicken chest and my perfect jasmine rice and perfectly cook veggies that were cook at the same time in my brand new steamer basket…and guess what?!? EVERYTHING WAS DONE AT THE SAME TIME AND WAS PERFECT!!!!

  100. Grammy

    Perfect size for the mini and great quality

  101. Kindle Customer

    Works fine, used solid pans warm up curry. cook vegetables and cook rice. Will use steamer for dumplings and tamales

  102. Nancy A. Ferguson

    The pots are as described. I haven’t used them yet, but they are well made.

  103. Vijayanand Pawar

    Overpriced item. When you load container with food and hold with handle complete set tilts to one side.It also create problem while lowering it in instant pot or pressure cooker.Not happy with item but will keep it.

  104. jsb

    This accessory arrived on time, does not take up too much room, fits the instant pot mini perfectly, looks well made and i cant wait to start cooking. The individual pots have plenty of room for each food item.

  105. Ellen

    Cute set, haven’t used yet. I thought it would lock but am having issues getting the locking mechanism to stay down, not sure if defective or it really doesn’t lock. I like that it has 2 pans & a steamer pan, although only 2 can fit in the 3 qt which I was aware of .

  106. Dena Keeling

    The pots are very, very nice. Substantial, not like lightweight. They are PERFECT for my Instant Pot Mimi duo. I make lasagna in them. Perfect!

  107. Amazon Customer

    Just what I needed!

  108. Linda F. Wade

    They seemed to be just what I was looking for. I am going to make some steamed vegetables this evening and I can’t wait. I love the infant pot and now I have the correct pans to fit my 3qt one.

  109. getintouch_ay

    This was a bit smaller than I imagined, but actually it’s the perfect size for making artisan cheesecakes!

  110. senior sister

    I’m new to instant pot and have not used these but they fit perfect and are of wonderful quality. Can’t wait to start using them

  111. sumija

    Good but priced

  112. SarahP.

    Bought mine from the Chiboz Ebay store for same price and it shipped via Amazon label. Came in less than 2 days, love the ability to reheat food and that this model came with a small steamer insert. Washes easily.

  113. Ercell Roden

    Love this. I can cook 3 Course meal at once

  114. Robert J. Oakes

    This is perfect to do pot in a pot for one. I used it for steel cut oats this am and was the best I have done.

  115. Sabrina L. Head

    I find these to be very useful so far, but there are two things that I have found to be problematic.1. They do not come with any sort of instruction manual so you have to use a little trial and error to figure out out the timing on certain dishes and how to stack the food for optimal results.2. You simply can’t use all three at the same time. Basically, you can’t make a grain, protein, and a veggie all at once using these. You can make two of the three and the other you’ll have to use another method… like the stove… which kind of defeats the purpose when you’re trying to save time and dishes.However, they are still more convenient to use than stovetop for a lot of dishes and my food is still done quickly and healthily. If you’re williing to spend a little time figuring it out, and make some adjustments, this is a very useful accesory for your Instant Pot.

  116. G. Studdard

    The pans and steamer worked perfectly for a one pot dinner. Very pleased with them.

  117. dp

    Received PIP onetime, first time buyer.very Useful when have to cook for small portion(esp. Indian food). Also use steamer.Love these small 3qts stackable.

  118. gugg

    great quality product and fits instant pot 3qt LUX model perfectly. Now I use this almost every day. Only thing I dont like about this product is price, I feel these are priced a little high.I recommend this product if you are fine with the proce.

  119. C. Abernethy

    Perfect fit for my 3qt IP and works in my 6qt, too. Put rice in one pan, steamer on top with a frozen salmon fillet, then lid and clamped it down. Water in bottom of main IP to, then trivet with this stack on top. 25minutes in the IP and dinner was ready. Perfect! Could stack all three in the 6qt, but would need to make a sling as the clamp only fits stack of two. This is going to get a lot of use!

  120. jalcruces

    Received it. Seemed ok. Once I opened up the plastic I could see that the little knob on the top was broken off. It actually looked like it was a bad solder job or something, all burnt around it and the knob was rolling around. Sent it back. Cheap. Perfect size though – bought for a regular 3qt steamer. Ordered a different brand.

  121. Indigo

    Nice set, cheaper and better than others, especially for the 3 qt. The lid has a knob, which many of the others do not. Love the extra steamer basket. Lost a star because the handle is a bit wobbly, which can be dangerous when you’re lifting it out of the hot water. Don’t rely on just the pop up handle, pinch the two pieces of the sling together instead. Pans are a little shorter than the other sets, a bit less capacity. BTW, the Chiboz label comes off that top container, you don’t have to look at it. 🙂

  122. Be Lee

    I bought anther brand and it was poorly build. The gripper would not hold. At the time I ordered them, they were the same price of $29.99. Order this one to replace it, it’s a little shorter then the other brand, but it’s much better build. The gripper works better and I love the steamer. I will update once, I use all the pans.

  123. D

    Fits 3 qt Instant Pot Perfectly! Very nice for 3 qt Instant Pot. So nice my sister stole it. She says she loves it.

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